Friday, October 28, 2011

October 28, 2011

hey there everybody!
P-day is here again which is really weird because it feels like i had p-day like 4 days ago... but everyone tells me its been a week so ill believe them.  haha Time here is all weird. The days seem to last for FOREVER!!!! im not even kidding people will ask when did we do this? and the answer will be ummm this morning. and youll swear it was a week ago but then you look at the days youve been here and you think. there is no way ive been here that long. i mean talk about a time warp!!! But i am officially at the half-way point here at la CCM (MTC in spanish)  And thank goodness for that. i dont really like it here.  everyone says you should love it whereever you are and i do love being able to just study for hours at a time,but at the same time. i eat sleep and live in about 3 buildings and 2 of them are right next to each other. and then im in 1 room in each building it gets a little old but it makes people very interesting...... its fun. it really is im just ready to meet real people!!! i cant wait to go
This anxiousness is actually because this week i had like 3 meetings for my Visa. on monday all the Argentina people in my district (there are 4 of us) got a paper saying we had a meeting on tuesday from 9-12:30 and one on wednesday from 9-11.  can you say long meetings!!! so i got to just go with my elders so my companions wouldnt miss class. btu so the first meeting they needed to finger print everyone going to argentina! did you know there are 10 missions in argentina! so thats a lot of missionaries going to argentina.  so i sat there for 2 hours before i was called up to be fingerprinted.thank goodness i brought stuff to study. i read Esther. which by the way is a wonderful book in the Old Testament. i think it is one of my favorite stories! :)  but so then the next day we had to meet a member from the Argentine Consul. SCARY!!! and on the memo telling about the meeting they said the elder had to wear suit coats and it seemed like we were going to appear one by one in front of hte consul member so i made sure i looked nice (which doesnt usually happen here) and was really worrid but she just talked to us a lot about argentina then we went and signed a paper (the one with our fingerprints) and she signed it to and that was nice to not actually have to talk to her.  but she seemed really friendly. but her answer to most of our questions was look it up. which is hard to do when you can only read certain things and cant get on the internet but so i guess we will have to see when we get there. but she did say the food was really good and if you dont like the food you probably went to a place that didnt make good food. haha which makes sense. and apparently there is really good ice cream which i am really excited about. but then yesterday we were in class and they called us all down to the travel office (the ones of us going to argentina) oh and did you know taht there is an MTC in argentina?  so all the elders were like "oh you guys are leaving!!!!" but it was just because they changed the policy for visas so we needed to get  adifferent picture taken.  so i dont know how many of you guys know this but i had to go get my picture taken for my visa andi couldnt smile (so everyone looks angry in them) it had to be the right side of my face with my ear showing.  and it was so hard to take!!! i kept smiliing and now i had to get another one. and i still couldnt show teeth when i smiled so i looked weird.  but anyway! hopefully i will be getting my visa soon which is super duper exciting!!!
Im not really sure what other exciting things have happened this week.... it gets pretty monotonous here at the ccm. i do the same thing everyday. sometimes gym will be at different times but thats about it..... oh one more thing!!! i got called(assigned?) as the music coordinator in my branch/zone. so i get to pick the hymns for sacrament and elders quorum and find piano players and conductors and make sure that there is a musical number. So that s pretty nice for me because it gives me something else to do and keeps me a little more sane. and i dont know everything seems so much more exciting here than it does in real life so im sorry if i say something is exciting and yall think im nuts!!! Cause i probably am... everyone goes crazy here! im pretty sure. at least the ones who are here for a long period of time like 2 months.  my companions will just laugh at nothing and so one day they just started laughing as we were walking up the stairs and they couldnt walk anymore  cause they were laughing so hard. so i sat on the stairs to wait and whne they were done they looked at me and started laughing again! it took like 5 min to get up the stairs.
Well i hope everything is good with  everyone at home!!! i love yall. happy birthday aubri!!!!
Te Quiero!
Hermana applegate