Tuesday, September 18, 2012

we had transfers today..... :)  im still in La Banda and Hermana terrera is still my companion.  Shes really great. Shes gonna die here with me.  :) And i can feel like its gonna be a great transfer. we are gonna have a lot of success... weve just gotta work out a few bugs first.  I want this to be the best transfer of her mission..... :)  thats my goal. 

OH but there is one more exciting thing about transfers! Hermana Wills left... im gonna miss her a lot. but she is going to ORAN!!! When they said she was leaving I was kinda sad but when they said shes going to Oran i about jumped for joy! Oran is pretty much amazing she is going to do great things there and i am happy that someone i know and love is going to go and take care of all my converts. :) and the people I learned to love so much. Hermana Rojas was there but now shes leaving so i needed soemone else that i know there. 

And the new Hermana - Hermana Peterson - Likes to run sooooo im gonna have another runnign buddy. but she looks a lot more in shape than i am.... :)  Ive gotta take better care of my body.

But sooo this week i learned an awful lot of things.  A LOT A LOT A LOT.  We had a meeting with the zone leaders like we do now and they gave us a lot of new things to work on. and one of these things is the sabbath day. and to really sanctify the sabbath day.  I know that sounds a little weird but let me explain.  We still work sundays like we do all the other days of the week.  and so normally the only thing that sets sunday apart from the other days is that we have church and weve gotta bring our investigators. and at least for me i am so worried about the people who couldnt come of if they feel the spirit etc. that i dont really enjoy or listen to the classes. its just another day. and so our leaders challenged us to really try to keep the sabbath day holy.  Not just trabajar. but find a way to really set this day apart for the Lord.  and this sunday i tried to do taht. i tried to really pay attention in church and just listen to the spirit.  and man it made all the difference.  I learned so much more. I really recieved a lot of help from our Savior. and our Heavenly Father. and i know that if you guys really try to keep this day special. Really put it as a day for the Lord you guys are going to feel a difference you are going to have a much better week and you are going to know the things the lord wants you to do that week to be happy and have success....

So i learned a lot about humility this week and trusting in the lord to help you do what he wants and not giving in to pressure and especially about being wise.  I read this talk by elder ballard its called "o be wise"  nad here is the link http://www.lds.org/general-conference/2006/10/o-be-wise?lang=eng

but it talks a lot about how we should be wise in our service. to really help the lord brign about his purposes.  He can make it happen if we just have desires but if we are wise in waht we do we can make hte work a lot more effective and the Lord can help us MORE!!!! I think we can apply all of this to our lives in everything that we do. but one thing i really think is so important in missionary work is that we need to remember that the people are the important thing. Not the numbers we need to count every night.  I have seen missionaries that just want numbers and missionaries that just want people. and there is such a difference. and he said something i really liked...

"members should be allowed to fulfill their stewardship as best they can. Counsel, advise, persuade, motivate—but don’t do the work for them. Allow others to progress and grow, even if it means sometimes getting less-than-perfect results on the reports."

I think a lot of time we do things just to look good and we care more about what everyone thinks about us more than about what the Lord thinks about us. and if we are helping people or not. if we are doing the best we can or not.  I need to work on that....

I know thats true. and i know its only through obedience that we can recieve the help that we want from the Lord.

It was really cool to learn.

have a great week everyone!!!!
les quiero mucho!
hermana applegate