Monday, October 8, 2012

Can you believe its October!!!!! I hardly can... where did the time go???

Oh and i have a happy announcement... but it really doesnt have anything to do with anything... i havent bitten my nails in a week!!! i am trying to quit that really bad habit.  I have a bunch of little bad habits like that. but i started with that and i didnt bite my nails all week... i painted them clear to help me with that and i think like everyday i pull off the nail polish and have to repaint them because it bugs me when they chip... but im gona get better at that  and i just thought id share that.... im pretty excited about that.

OH didnt you guys just LOVE Conference!!!!!!! it was pretty AMAZING!!!!  what a powerful weekend.  and i hope that everyone else is as excited about the change in age for missions!!!!!!! for anyone who didnt hear.  and young man who has finnished high school and is 18 can serve a mission!! and any young women at age 19.  thats if they are prepared.  ITs soooo exciting.  the work is growing. and growing and growing.  In my mission we have mini missionaries to help sometimes because there is such a need.  and anyone who has the opportunity should go on a mission it is amazing.  Really really amazing. 

Oh and another exciting thing... i watched conference in spanish!!!! haha and i understood it all. that was pretty exciting.  I was a little sad tuesday because i wanted to watch it in spanish but all of hte americans in my district wanted to watch in english and if hermana peterson wanted to i would ahve to go watch with her because we need to have companions and hers cant watch in english because she speaks spanish... but anyways friday at lunch with our bishop he said that the meeting house doesnt have an english channel... something happened and it doesnt work :)  haha so we all had to watch in spanish and it was amazing!  it was so fun. did you know that some of the speakers who speak spanish record their talk before hand and then they hit play and it plays the recording while they are talking. so they finish after the recording does... but i thought that was so special that they took the time to do that. i thought that they jsut had translators... which they do for most. but some are recordings. like elder scott (who by the way was amission president here in northern argentina :) the president for elder christofferson...) it was his voice! only in spanish. it was pretty cool

What talks did you like from conference?!?! i have so many that i like. but one really stood out to me and that was the talk by Elder Bednar.  He talked about the difference between having a testimony and being converted.  and it really hit me.  i ahve met so many people who are inactive who say. well i know that the church is true. i have a testimony.. and i just think "THEN WHY DONT YOU GO TO CHURCH!!!!" because if we arent active and obey the commandments, our testimonies dont really help a whole lot.  And i hope that they realize the way to recieve help from the Lord is through enduring to the end.  that is one of the hardest parts of the gospel is endureing. and enduring well. i like the the word we use in spanish perserverar... that means perservere.  i think that works better for endure to the end. There is so much to do in this life... so so much that if we are lazy and arent always trying to do the things we need to do to make it back and live with our heavenly father we miss sooo much.. people miss out on so much by not enduring and not being converted.  we all have to do our best...

but i loved this weekend. i learned sooo so much and i hope that you guys did too.  ive met some amazing people here too.. and i love to see when they start to have a desire to follow these things. when they have a desire to know and to change their lives.  ive seen taht a lot in some of our investigators and it makes me so happy. im not sure i really do a whole lot. but i get to see it all and it makes me really hapy.

i love you all! have a great week!!!

hermana applegate