Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hey everyone!!!

Happy fathers day!!! i hope everyone had a great one!!

I had a good one.  i had to give a talk. and so i prepared a really really great one about our purpose as missionaries. and that is "Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them recieve the restored gospel through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism by immersion for the remission of sin, recieving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end."  how great of a purpose is that. But i decided the sunday before that i was gonna talk about Christ because a lot of time we forget about how central christ is in everything.  and so i broke down this purpose by little bit and was gonna talk about every little piece with scriptures and everything. Needless to say i was pretty excited about giving my talk (which NEVER happens...)  and then i got there and i was telling hernan who was gonna speak (its the missionary work people every third sunday...) and presidente Chauque came and said that analia had a talk aobut hte obra misional as well and so she talked instead of me... i shouldve known....

OH well they were really good talks and i learned a lot and i hope it inspires the members to do a little more because we are only 2 missionaries and the ward is huge and a lot of people think that the two of us and presidente are responsable for everything. which isnt true... but oh well.. its nice to know they have confidence in us.

This week actually ended a little rough... but i learned how to relieve stress a little more. and how to be more positive.  Because really. being positive is the most important thing when everything is going bad because honestly. if you are negative it just makes the bad things like 5 million times worse. so dont do it.  Sometimes its harder to look for the good than the bad but hey the best things are never easy.  Hermana levrino sent us a quote about that and overcomeing challenges... its in spanish so youll have to translate it yourself.

i dont know if you can read it.. its really good. its by albert einstein and he talks about how you would never learn anything is everything was easy. 

but thats aobut it for this week. have a great one

les quiero!!
hermana applegate

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hey everyone!!!

This week was soooooo good. I felt like a bit of a failure last night but im over that now and i am so grateful for this week.

We had a baptism saturday!!!! her name is Nilda. and she is amazing!  Shes 80 years old.  and her family is crazy!!! ive told you about her. but her kids dont want her to get baptized.  they dont like the whole tithing thing.  but so she decided she was gonna get baptized anyways she just wasnt gonna tell anyone about it.  So i felt like we were planning the great escape.  because she always has  someone in the house to watch her husband and her daughter. and so they couldnt know so wed go into other rooms and talk quietly and when she came in we´d talk about somethign else and it was crazy for like a week. but 2 people knew. elle who works in the mornings and marsia who we taught with nilda but now only works sundays.... but the baptism was so wonderful. it was really stressful. but really great. Nilda has great faith and the more opposition she had the more she wanted to get baptized.  And let me tell you what! Satan did NOT want her baptized.  

the day of was cold. and she is old so we had to try and get the water as warm as possible and so the thing they use to heat water doesnt get really hot. and theres a window we cant shut that was blowing in cold air...and the water didnt come out fast, and we couldnt put cold water in too because that would make the water colder... oh and it had to be in the mornign when elle was there... so it was getting closer to the time to go get her for her baptism and the water wasnt very close to be full... so we started to fill up pots of water and boil them and when they boiled dump them into the font.  THis was actually a good thing because it heated up the room with the baptismal font.  (the church doesnt have heat and it was like see-your-breath-cold taht day. it actually gets pretty chilly here....)  so finally other people came to keep up the water while we went to go get Nilda.  Oh AND our ward mission leader hasnt showed up to his meetings this week so we werent sure if he was gonna be able to help us organize the baptism... but anyways we go get nilda and come back. adn she only has about an hour.... and the water still wasnt where it should be. so we wait a little bit and then we couldnt find the key to the baptismal font!!!! to enter into it!!!! oh dear.  

We finally found the key and then we get nilda changed but the bathrooms were like a refridgerator.  but so gladis had the idea to close the little divider thing between the room with the font and the kitchen (they are one room...)and nilda could change in the kitchen where it was nice and toasty! and that was great!  

The next obstacle was baptizing her. because she is old she has a hard time bending her back and she didnt really understand that she needed to be completely underwater (oops... we did explain taht though...)so standing didnt work. then she kneeled down and we still couldnt get it. so finally she ended up sitting down and finally matias could baptize her. but we were working with her for like 30 minutes in the water. it was crazy (You can tell that the water was Really slow which ended up being a blessing but stressful before hand...)

Then yesterday her confirmation was linda..(tahts the word for beautiful, pretty. good ... you get the picture.. in this situation it doesnt translate completely but it works in spanish...)  Matias confirmed her too. he was really nervous because hes never confirmed anyone before but it was amazing.  hes gone with us to visit her every week so they are good friends.  But Nilda is amazing. I am amazed by her and by the change in her. and im amazed by the faith of Matias.... He is great and he was really nervous and made extra sure that the blessing came from the lord and not from him.

Well thats about the highlight of my week!!!

oh we also had a conference fo the hermanas with my mission presidents wife. it was great! it was nice to be in a missionary meeting and not be iwth the elders... haha. but it really made me happy to be a daughter of God aand to be serving him. I learned a lot but i cant write everything.  Ill just leave it at the fact that i am so grateful to have righteous women to pattern my life after.  mom, hermana levrino. the other hermanas.  i hope i can be more like them. Firmer in the gospel of jesus christ.

I love you all!!! 
Remember Faith can conquer anything!
Have a great week
hermana applegate