Tuesday, January 3, 2012

hey mom!!! and everyone else

I dont have as much time today which is okay because i dont have as much to write. 

This week was not too terribly exciting. My companion was sick... actually I was the only one in the Pensión who wasnt sick... and so we didnt get to work a whole lot.  I did a lot while she was sleeping. I worked out. i studied A LOT, and i made plans about food and such. Yeah it was fun for a little bit but id rather be working.

This weekend was pretty rough working too.  There is nobody to teach here in Oran for the holidays and most people are drunk all weekend.  We were very careful about the different places we are going.  and who we visit.  It was a little disheartening when none of our investigators came to  church (finally we got marcello there he has such a sweet spirit, he is handicapped.. im not sure his family is completely happy about him wanting to get baptized but he came up to us after his first sacrament and said he wanted to.).  Hermana Callejas is having a really hard time with it but im doing okay. Im looking forward to this next week with great anticipation. We can only improve from last week. :)

Soooo i have a cool story but im not sure youre gonna think it is that cool mom.. So im sorry. maybe i shouldnt share... But we were walking wednesday and we had tried to visit Ramon (a new investigator) earlier and he wasnt there so H. Callejas said lets go back to Ramons and i was like "uhhhh okay..." and as we were walking i felt like we should not go back to Ramóns and i wrote it off at first as me just being hot and tired and not wanting to bec H Callejas said so. I was a little irritated. But as we kept walking down the road it got stronger and stronger and I knew that we just needed to get out of there fast. So finally i got up my guts and told hermana Callejas. "We shouldnt go to Ramóns" and she got a little annoyed and asked where i wanted to go then and i said i dont know we just need to get out of here fast. So we turned down the next road and walked as fast as we could out of the area we were in. we didnt stop until we got to the pavement (it was 7 and an area we werent supposed to be in past   7 anyways) but as we were walking, Hermana Callejas was talking to Soledad Cabana and I saw 3  police men with their helmets and big vests and gear drive by us on motorcycles and then as we walked further i saw an ambulence with its lights on... So i dont know if something actually happened where we were walking or if it was just a coincidence. But I do know that the Lord protects his missionaries. :)

but thats all for now! love yall

love hermana applegate

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