Monday, April 23, 2012

well hey there everyone.

 Its another week here in Oran. and guess what?!?!?! this week wasnt really that hot! Its starting to get cooler. and by cooler is down to normal colorado late summer/early autumn. its so nice. and I love it. I love not sweating and being able to use a sweater if i want. and not smelling gross.... haha

So heres a cool story for the week... We have been visiting this old lady, Nilda, and i love her but really she wasnt really progressing. She always talks about the same thing as she gives us food.... soo much food.  But usually its Her and hermana rojas talking about her problems and prayer as i talk to her daughter Kayla.  And Kayla is special something happened about 20 years or more ago and she got hurt in an accident and now is mentally handicapped and in a wheel chair. Shes fun. But she always asks me the same questions. and hey Michael... Theyre all generally about you.  you have a friend here in Oran.  But she asks me the same set of about 5 questions about 20 times every visit. She doesnt really talk to hermana rojas.  :) 

But so finally one day we gave Nilda a Book of Mormon. and assigned her to read 3 Nephi 11.  And left. So yesterday we went back to visit her and she told us that she had started to go to the church to attend and her son went to find her and bring her back because the house keeper didnt know what to make for lunch (oh nilda is about 80.)  But Nilda had started to read the Book of Mormon.  and she said she just couldnt stop reading. She read one night until 6 in the morning!!!! and she showed us where she ended up at and it was the end of Moroni. and she was planning on reading the dictionary thing we have at the end of the spanish book of mormon.  But she talked about how clear it was and how much she loved reading it. and it was sooo amazing. so amazing.  Im really excited to teach her. Aand her other house keeper (at night) usually is very cold when we come, she is very... active in her church... and doesnt really want anything to do with us, but last night she was different. She listened to us and i could tell she felt the spirit and she gave us kisses when we left (okay clarification about the culture here. no one really hugs. ever. the way you greet people and say goodbye is with a kiss on the cheek. well only the women for us..  so its not weird) normally she just says bye with her arms folded. and she listened and it was cool...

The spirit is sooo cool. When it is strong it changes hearts.  And im learning ( ive still got a long way to go...) that the only way to get it strong is to be obedient and to follow it when i feel like i should say or do somethign. Do it. Even when it seems weird, like asking to sing a hymn in the middle of a conversation because i feel a little bit of contention.  Its really amazing. I was reading about the stripling warriors this week and they were pretty cool. The reason they had success is becasue they had confidence in the Lord and when they could, they brought the fight to where they could control what would happen (thats when they drew the lamanites out of their city to come fight them on fair grounds) nad we do that through the Spirit, when the spirit is there, they change. When its not, they dont and we end up arguing a little bit.  but yeah that was something cool i learned this week. Dont doubt and bring the "fight" to where we have the upper hand. Where we can control what happens. And reallyt he investigators feel more comfortable when the spirit is present.

So it was a good week not terribly excitign but good for me. I hope it was good for you guys

Les quiero
Hermana Applegate

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