Wednesday, January 2, 2013

hey everyone!!!!

i hope yall had a great christmas!!! and new years.  thanks everyone for your letters.  :) they made me really happy.  

this really was an amazing week for me.  and i learned so much.

one thing i learned that i wanted to share really quickly with everyone is about hte word of wisdom... people dont really follow the word of wisdom here.... im not just talking about the 5 things it says that we shouldnt consume..even though that is a problem sometimes.... but the good things too...  the main part of our diet is meat.... meat a rice. meat and potatoes... meat and noodles... meat and bread... ive realized that i dont really keep that part either. i have to eat what they give me and i eat a lot a lot more than i should and i have reallylearned taht it can have bad consequences.  dont worry!!!! im okay and my health is okay... but its not as good as it could be or should be.... but i think its like that with everyone.. i really studied it and i have sucha  love for this commandment. and i know that it is true. our bodies nad our spirits are so connected that we should do everything that we can to keep them healthy.  sometimes its becasue we eat a lot more htan we should or more sugar than we should. or less veggies than we should. but if we can really start to avoid doing things that damage our bodies... the excess of everything we really are going to be so much happier and healthier... i put the goal to live the word of wisdom a  lot better.... wich so far i need lots and lots of work. but i loved it.  but i hope to be healthier and healthier everyday (and hopefully lose some of the weight ive gained... dont worry.. im not sick or antyhing i just know i have a lot more to go to be perfectly healthy.... like better excercise... :) and not so much junk food...)and i hope you all start to work ont hat with me.. and it will be wonderful.

i dont have a whole lot more time but i want you all to know how wonderfully happy and joyful i am... this is an amazing gospel. this work is marvelous.. and i know that its the owrk of the lord. i can see it in the eyes of everyone that i meet and talk to.... i lvoe to see them happy when they do what they should and we have quite a few who are progressing... :)

have a wonderful week..
love yall

les quiero!!!
hermana applegate

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