Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sooooooooo..... We have another mini misionera!!!! and so now we have 2 which takes a huge stress off of my shoulders.... huge!!!! Now i dont have to find a companion eveyday.  it makes me feel so much better, although it does put 4 girls in a 1 room apartment.  which im not sure is such a great idea because sometimes it gets a little out of hand.  they are a lot of fun... but its hard to get the times to work out just right.  Im just glad im a master at getting ready fast.  there have been times when i have 10 minutes to shower and get dressed and be ready to start studying... 2 minutes once.... okay sometimes i start late but usually only like 5 minutes... but its an adventure everyday. 

But they are such a blessing. i feel like the work is really progressing. we are finding a lot of good people.  also some people who really dont want anything but little by little we are finding ways to work better with the members, to teach well, to help the people progress and to read the book of mormon.  the next obstacle we have to jump is getting them to go to church... a lot of them just dont believe that they can control that.  there is always something that happens that keeps them from doing what is right nad sometimes (im not going to lie) it FRUSTERATES ME.... they just blame cualquier cosa.  and its just excuses... and it makes me sad.  I just want these people to be so happy. because i am happy and i know that this is the only way to truly be happy. the only way. and Satan doesnt want us to be happy but he really doesnt have power over us unless we let him have power over us. if we decide that we arente going to do what he wants, he cant make us. he cant keeps us from going to church if we really want to go. but we have to have the faith to do it. And sometimes it takes a lot of faith. 

I am so glad that the Lord gave us the gift of Agency. I really know that we ahve the opportunity to choose for ourselves and if we choose wrong we cant choose the consequences and we cant get the blessings back tht we lost.  But we can always take a stand and change our destiny.  But we really have to have faith and trust in God. and sometimes that is really scary... but if we can do it to just show a little bit of faith, he will show us that he will take care of us and make us strong.

our recent convert Nahuel, is an example of that. he really had to change his life a lot. adn sometimes its hard for him.  and when we tell him that he needs to something he tells us that it will be hard.but then he does it.  For his baptism. he didnt want his friends or his family to know... but after his confirmation he told them nad they got a little mad at him but hten he told us that it didnt matter he wasnt going to change his mind. and eh says that he cant talk to people or go on a mission but now is coming to work with us and he shares his testimony with people he doesnt know and its so cool!!!!! well thats what hermana farr tells me.. he is usually with her and hermana montero.  they are amazing 

but i am trying to have more confidence in the lord and really show him that i am going to say what he wants me to say and be what he wants me to be.  and as i am really trying to do that i am seeing so many more miracles. For example: we have an investigator Tatiana who never reads and these past 2 weeks we have really tried to follow the spirit and somethign changed and now she is reading!!!!! it was so cool

well i should go. i love you all and im so glad to hear from you all!!!! i hope you all have a lot of confidence in your Heavenly Father nad Jesus Christ. they can do anything. 

cuidense mucho!!!!! Lesquiero
hermana applegate

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