Monday, December 5, 2011

First letter from the field!

hey mom!!!
I am here alright. im in Oran (thats as much of an address ive got for you) and it is sooooo HOT!!!! i made it safely and the elders did take care of me the whole time so nothing happened but it was crazy!!!! so we flew 10 hours to get to Buenos Aires and then we got there and they put us all in a line for customs but the mtc gave us this envelope to give people when we got to argentina a nd so we confused all the workers and it took like an hour-hour and a half to get us all done. and then we wandered through the airport until someone from the church found us and they ushered us all to a bus and we drove around for about an hour and then they dropped us off at another airport and left.... we were confused til someone else came up and didnt know how to speak english but got us all on planes so i had another 2 hour plane ride and when the y flight attendant talked to me i realized i cant do this!!! i dont understand a thing and my elders were on different parts of the plane. but i love my mission president in my initial interview he told me that the lord had confidence in me and so he did to. it was exactly what i needed to hear.
Oran is about 5 hours bus ride away from Salta and it is very different we had to hand wash our clothes today which was actually pretty exciting. The people are so friendly and i do A LOT of walking i got a blister on my foot the first day.  and the next day it was bleeding from my shoes and our ward mission leader Jorge came with us and all day they were checking up on my foot and telling me how to take care of it.
oh and its actually better that you didnt send a lot in the package bec there is a tax here on packages 50% of the amount claimed on that and then to change that into pesos there are 4 pesos to each dollar so its expensive and sending it to the mission home was exactly right. they go pick them up once a week and get them out to all of the missionaries.  and there is a list of stuff that youre not allowed to send i dont remember all of it and i forgot the paper but i remember clothes is on it and medication like vitamins etc... maybe electronics... ill tell you next week. by the way pday is monday
So i had a cool experience this week!!! well ive had a lot. but we stopped by this investigators house i dont remmeber her name.. but we were talking to her and her son came by who si in his 40s or 50s i think and he was talking and being friendly and then all of a sudden he went off about something it had to do with religion i didnt catch a whole lot of it (which happens an awful lot here) but finally i jsut knew that i needed to bear my testimony and tell him i knew god existed so i did very powerfully and hermana callejas (my companion who ill tell you aobut later i still only get 45 min of emailing time)  said we should sing so we sang i believe in chirst in spanish we sing at all of our lessons and so we did and she bore her testimony of the savior and during the song i could see him change. he had tears in his eyes. then he hurried and left.
It was really really cool to see. the people here are so friendly. some of them really intimidate me but they love the missionaries. even if they arent members.  the food here is very different. everything is fried. and my stomach is not happy with me. but thats okay i can at least finnish my plate! barely but hey the people are so nice they really have very little and they still give a lot.
i really love it here but ive gotta go

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