Sunday, November 27, 2011

hey everyone so guess what?!?!
This is the last email im gonna be sending the from the MTC! this is monumental!!! im so stinkin excited.  2 more days and im on my way to Argentina 3 more days and i will be there. im so excited to be there but i am not excited for the whole traveling thing.... im am not a traveler.. but so I am so so glad that i am a light packer. my companion hermana jones has been trying to pack for like 3 days and she is 20 lbs over in weight and like 10 in her carryon!!! and i dont think im gonna have that problem I made sure i was under enough to get some books in there and then im out of a lot of the heavy stuff like shampoo and body wash so taht will free up more space... and i dont have much stuff for a carry on so i can totally fit any extra in there thank goodness!!! but it is funny to watch hermana jones try and figure it out.  I am really sad that i am not gonna see my companions after 8 am monday though!!! it stinks that we are going to different missions (but i keep telling them they will fit in my suitcases!!!)  haha
Soooo this week was pretty much AMAZING!!!! i couldnt have picked a better week to leave the MTC on! at the devotional on tuesday we had Elder Christofferson come!!! and it was a pretty much amazing night and then thursday was thanksgiving and let me tell you they know how to do thanksgiving here.  The food was actually pretty decent which was exciting (my moms thanksgiving dinner is better but it still was pretty good for MTC food)  and we had a devotional in the morning and Elder Russel M. Nelson came and talked to us!!! So 2 Apostles this week!!! how cool is that.  I think the coolest part of the devotionals was tuesday when Elder Christofferson came in it was right before the last prelude hymn (we sing A LOT here)  and so we stood up and we stayed standing while singing I Know that My Redeemer Lives!  i mean wow! being able to stand in front of an apostle of God and sing that it was pretty amazing.  But anyway after dinner on thursday (well lunch and they gave us sack lunches for dinner)  we did a service project.  we had a little humanitarian presentation before where they told us about all the humanitarian stuff the church was doing and that was pretty cool to see. and then we made injury kits (4000 of them but my table of 30 only made 160 but with all the missionaries it added up to 4000)  that they are going to send to the Sudan so the people down there can help take care of themselves.  It was not so exciting to pull off one piece of gauze and pass it down to the next person pulling off one piece of gauze... but the missionaries were all singing hymns and laughing and talking and taking pictures it was a lot of fun. nad it was just great to spend thanksgiving helping other people.  Ill tell you what Elders can be really annoying sometimes but they they have a lot of energy nad a lot of them have wonderfully strong testimonies.. The Elders in my district are so amazing i am constantly looking at them and saying wow. that is so cool.  But then after the service project and our sack lunch dinner they had a little program with some thanksgiving songs and musical numbers and Sister Nally (in the MTC presidencys wives...) did a little play with the missionaries dressing some up like pilgrims and turkeys and indians and it was kinda cute.  Then we watched 17 Miracles!!! it was such a good movie!!! I love it and they gave us popcorn which was a big treat. i dont know if you guys think this is as cool as it was but it was really great and a big change from the normal here at the MTC
oh and thanks Relief Society for your package!!! i really appreciate it!  It made my day and im sending a better thank you note i promise i just dont have a lot of time emailing
Les Quiero!!
Hermana Applegate

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