Friday, November 4, 2011

Hey Everybody!
This was actually a pretty good week! i've learned lots and lots and probably too much to share with y'all because it takes up all my time. i only get 30 min to email.  But this week I really worked with my companions to teach in unity because we are having a lot of problems teaching in unity just because our teaching styles are different and its tricky to figure out a way that works for everyone. :) but i love my companions to death and we have grown sooooo much closer because of it. I think after we taught one day we were in our room waiting for the Elders to come back and we ended up hugging like we do alot because we dont get very many hugs here.... its kinda annoying. our teachers will hug all of the elders, but because we are sisters they cant hug us... howd all the sister teachers end up with the all elder districts in our zone?!?! really?!  but so anyway we were hugging and the elders walked in and were like uh.... and then they left and waited outside until we were done.  it was kinda funny. 
So we got new roommates this week! its actually kinda sad.  I loved!!!! the sisters we shared a room with before.  Hermana Matte, Hermana Poulson, and Hermana Brightenstein (i think i spelled that wrong...)  were amazing! and so much fun! and they were spanish speaking so we learned a lot from them.  But they headed out this week and i know they are doing great being out in the field.  but on Wednesday we got some new girls. They are all english speaking though so i never know if i should just speak spanish cause im supposed to speak my language or if i should speak english for their benefit.  They seem really nice though although i am a little bitter about the fact that they get to leave before i do and i have been here a lot longer?!?! whats up with that? oh right... theyre not learning a new language.
But so i have gotten really friendly since ive been here.  Its really weird and out of character for me... but I talk to EVERYONE. i swear. i say hello to the girls brushing their teeth with me. or there have been a couple times ive been in the shower and ill start singing and the person in the shower next to mine will start singing with me and then we will start talking and i will have no idea who it is but we will have a great conversation.  Can you say out of the ordinary?! at least for me. but everyone here is so nice.  oh funny story about one of my new roomies!!! haha so everyone who is new here gets a little orange dot on their nametag to say that theyre new nad everyone says hi to them as they are walking around their first day.  But so I made a point to smile at this really cute girl in red that was walking around and then she ended up being my roommate!!!! it was crazy!!!! But she has the cutest purple luggage. it was pretty cool.
Haha so on Sunday nights we watch films after the fireside. They usually have one of the big ones playing like the Joseph Smith Movie or the Testaments or Legacy in the gym. and this week it was The Testaments and I LOVED it!!! Okay so i have to say my favorite part was when Christ came (of course) and he was looking out over the crowd  and he looks straight at Jacob (the main character who took awhile to decide the church was true) and you could just see in his eyes the Love he had for Jacob and for that people and it was remarkable to me that in that time when everyone was vying for his attention, Christ took the time to look straight at one person who needed to feel his love nad know that he loves him.  And it is a great testimony to me that Christ knows and loves each and everyone of us. He loves us so much that he will take the time to look you straight in the eyes when he is wrapped up in eveything else to convey that love.  He has done this multiple times.  He took the time to seek out the woman who touched the hem of his robe.  he took the time to bless each and every child and there were probably a lot.
Yo soy me Salvador vive.  yo soy Dios es nuestros (nosotros?) Padre Celestial y nos ama.  Yo soy la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias (I cant get my accent button to work right sorry)  es verdadera. Yo soy Jesucristo es nuestros Salvador y Redentor.  Yo soy misionario trabajar es importante... okay i need to work on grammar more but it is a work in progress!
Les Quiero!!!

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