Friday, November 11, 2011

hey everyone!!!
Just another week here at the MTC! they all sorta just run together so there isnt anything really new.  but i did see an old friend of mine from back in BYU Lisa Corrigan!!!! She teaches here on the floor below my classroom!  It was really good to be able to see her. :)  and then at TRC we taught one of hermano talatainas friends i dont remember her name but she was really nice and we got HUGS!!!!!  I dont think people really realize how precious hugs are until you cant get hugs from like anybody when you need one. Everyday after class (twice a day) our teachers hug the guys but since we are sisters we cant get hugs so we get hugs from everyone we can. thats just a little informational story for you all to know.  but then right after TRC we got rushed over to another building for someother thing which is not normal at all!!! we got to practice asking questions and listening to answers. They had people who were interviewing for acting jobs here at the MTC (who knew the MTC had acting jobs?)  and we got to interview them in spanish. but it was really hard because we could only ask them questions we couldnt respond at all. which is hard and they were all native speakers (at least the ones i talked to were) so i couldnt understand most of what they were saying. which makes it even harder to ask good questions. one girl was getting pretty frusterated with me...  but it was a great practice. 
So this week is our consecration week which means we are only talking in spanish which is really difficult sometimes so it doesnt really happen.  especially when we are having comp inventory and you cant get your point across in spanish so you just say it in english. it actually happens more than it should at least for me because i really dont like talking to people who cant speak spanish in spanish i just kinda think thats rude. and our roommates dont speak spanish. well one does but thats just what she learned over the summer. i actually think shes better at spanish then i am... but my spanish has been quite improved since then and it is pretty decent (i.e. i can communicate in another language and understand eople who speak really slow with baby words)  and praying in Espanol is getting more and more fluid.  So thats about all the exciting stuff weve got going on here.  oh and they are tightening security here which is weird... were a bunch of missionaries. but now all the doors are locked and so we have to get out our id cards and swipe them to get into the building which we always forget so we end up standing out in the freezing cold for a few minutes. its been pretty cold lately (maybe thats just cause im always in a skirt... but whatever) its cold and it makes it a little more annoying to have to unlock the doors all the time.  and we arent supposed to hold open door for people we dont know and make them unlock it themselves... weird....
anyways! i love yall! Te quiero! (Les quiero?)
hermana applegate

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