Monday, March 5, 2012

hey everyone!!!!

Give my love to Sister Coombs! oh dear. that is not good and so sad to hear. I didnt know she had any health problems.. Im a little oblivious sometimes. Tell her we love her here in Argentina and are praying for her.  

Soooo this week, no baptism but we decided it was better to not have a baptism than to baptize Elizabeth before she was ready.  And we found out like wednesday that she smokes... man i wish we knew that earlier... but anyways, we are gonna work a lot with her this week and help her get ready and hopefully soon.. 

But so we have this new investigator Ofelia. and she is soooo great. We actually found her in January but she was never able to meet with us until last sunday ish (not yesterday.. the week before). (she told me this week that she just didnt want to talk to anyone) but so we found her sunday and we talked with her and invited her tocome to a family home evening we had at the church and shesaid no not this timea nd maybe she will come to church sunday. Then we prayed and she said immediately "ill go tonight and next sunday ill go to the morning meetings" wow! great! and she did go to the family home eveningand every night we went to go see her for a little bit and she had chairs sitting out with pillows for us and water and was waiting for us to come.  Waitng for us! and knew if we were later than normal or early and when we have to leave at night to get back to the pension.  She is so great and everything that we say she just accepts.  But she wont accept a baptismal date just yet she wants to be sure.  so she thinks like in2 or 3 months... okay we can work with that but she is sooo ready. I love to just sit and listen to her. she reminds me of my old ladies back in provo that i used to visit only a little more (okay a lot more) healthy

We had so many miracles thisweek... (man mom i have been terrible about writing my blessings in that little journal you gave me i feel terrible but i carry it everywhere in case i remember....)  So many i cant write them all. and hermana Rojas is FABULOUS. shes  a lot more laid back and content to just listen than hermana callejas was and is all about finding the needs of the investigators. Which i love doing! i love sitting and listening to people i dont like talkingso much. but unfortunately sometimes people just talk and it doesnt help ushelp them at all and we end up wasting time which is a bummer but at the same time we have had some powerful lessons just listening.

One lesson, we didnt talk hardly at all and the spiritjust changed this investigators heart as he talked and worked through everything. He stilldidnt go to church which is FRUSTERATING but the lesson was really good. 

Ive learned that the lords opinion is the only thing that matters.  And ivedone a lot of changing to try and do the things he would be proud of and as ive done that i have felt a lot better about havinglower numbers.... i still feel like we ahvent done everythingwe can but we are trying our best and we are gonna make our goals this week. Thats my goal. haha.  

well ive gota go!
love yall

Hermana Applegate

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