Monday, February 27, 2012

Hey there Everybody!!!!

This week was soooooo great. okay our numbers were really down but we had some really great miracles.and i just love my companion! a TON.

Hermana Rojas is pretty much amazing. I have learned so much and we work together better than me and hermana callejas and we get along better and she is just content to be quiet which is nice sometimes and at the same time i am more comfortable talking to her. And she just loves people. she isnt okay we are here to teach a lesson so im gonna cut off the investigator really quickly. so many of our lessons have been listening to people asking questions about their lives. what they want to learn and hten working a scripture into it all to help them realize taht our message will help them (we are in the process of finding investigators) or working their worries/problems into the lessons. and she is amazing at finding out peoples worries and needs. Its sooo great! and its nice to have a companion that actually wants to go out and work and isnt afraid of all the people.  and just loves them all.  even in their weaknesses.  ahhhhhhh such a good week. (dont get me wrong i loved hermana callejas but my personality fits a lot better with hermana rojas.)  Shes a convert to the church and so she relates really well with our investigators as well. I have a lot to work on... i need to be better about asking questions but she helps me a lot in our studies. comp study is a lot of practicing but its really good and really constructive.  I feel like im re-learning all that they taught me in the mtc. its so good.

oh and another thing she told me is that it is okay to tell the people that i cant eat all of the food! WOO HOO!!!! i always feel like im gonna explode bec they give me so much food and she told me just dont eat it all and that she hates it when people tell you you have to eat it all because its not true.    oh i feel so much better. i feel like ive gained so much weight. ( i havent really gained that much. just a little but i hate it.) now i can go back to normal because im not trying to fit in an obscene amount of food.

But so yesterday we went to go find an old investigator and we taught her and we invited her to noche de hogar in the church last night and to go to church and she was alittle aprehensive and said well maybe... but then we said a prayer to leave and after the prayer she said. "ill go to the meeting tonight and church on sunday" great!!!! and so then we got to noche de hogar a little late and she was there!!!! she actually came and she said it was a beautiful meeting and she wanted to come back sunday and that we could come visit any evening!!!! wooo hooooooooo.... i am so excited about that.I dont know what happened but something changed her view point.

and we have another old investigator that we finally found this week. we have been trying to teach her for more than a month and she is never there when we have appointments. Its really pretty annoying. but we finally taught her and then teh rest of our appointments didnt work out but saturday night we found her and she couldnt talk but she told us she didnt want to miss anymore church and she would be there sunday. and we were like okay.... so we went to find her sunday mornign for church and she came!!!! she has investigated the church a couple times so with yesterday she has gone to church enough times to be baptized saturday!!! if we can get her taught all the lessons. which if everything goes to plan we can.  but she is so ready to get baptized she has a strong testimony and a really really big desire to change and follow the gospel.  the first time she came to church with us she couldnt find the keys to the house and so she climbed out the window.... its pretty cool.

Oh we have had so many different miracles this week i wish i had time to tell you all of them. but i dont.  but one thing i have learned a lot lately is HUMILITY. Humility is really really important. its so easy to just judge people. judge situations but you can be completely wrong. we have gone to find a lot of old investigators that we dropped because we decided they didnt want the gospel but as we are re finding them thats not true. or my opinions of people just change when i look at them differently.  I dont know how to describe it. but i love it

well i should go
love yall
les quiero!
hermana applegate.

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