Monday, February 20, 2012

Well hello there everybody its monday again! haha what a week.... 

But i want to start off by apologizing to everyone for being a slacker when it comes to letter writing... a really really big slacker. sorry.. :)

But so this week was interesting.. i learned a lot.  We had zone conference this week which i was a little worried about because our numbers have been really low... yeah its been hard to teach people. and even harder to find people who actually want to change their lives. and its really scary to talk to a stranger on the street. I tried contacting one person and she would only talk to my companion after telling me that the way i was talking to her made her very uncomfortable and she is a good person... yeah people are crazy here. i love it.

But zone conference was really REALLY good and we did get reprimanded, but i love my mission president so much and his wife! they both gave us so much encouragement.   Hermana Levrino showed this video about soap.. that sounds weird but its about how they took a group of sculptures and gave them a bar of soap and a knife and were told to make something in an hour and they came up with so many cool things that they carved out of the bar of soap and talked about how youve just gotta have a vision for what you want it to be and slowly remove everything else. You have infinite possibilites for your life (for my mission) and if you have a vision on where you want it to be you can make it happen. slowly but surely.  and so thats what im trying to do. Ive done a lot of praying for help to turn into the person and the missionary i want to be and slowly but surely i can feel myself changing. Slowly but surely. i wish it would happen faster. I wish i had all the confidence in the world to walk up to everyone and tell them in a language im learning that i have a message that can change their life. in a tactful way and ask them questions about their lives but i just dont. i get better everyday. but its a lot of work turning my soap into something else.

And Presidente Levrino talked about a lot of things but he also talked about faith and the need to have faith in our lives (so right there i started to finish my sentence in castillano.. cool..)  He talked about Peter when he was walking on water and then he feared and he fell. But the savior picked him up again but he said "oh ye of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt" yeah that was for me... I am a person of very little faith and i need more. I dont have a lot of faith and i dont have a lot of humility. my two goals for the next few weeks.. faith and humility. Hopefully with these two things we can turn our area back around. (but it doesnt help that the elders that were here about a year and a half to two years ago were really RELLY disobedient. they went to Carnival which is a weird celebration they have here that goes all night long fridays and saturdays with dancing and a parade and not very well dressed people you get the picture and they went to clubs. and yeah especially fo rhte other hermanas people do not trust the missionaries...)  But with faith we can find the people that the lord prepared. i just need to trust him more. 

So yeah thats the most exciting parts of my week the rest was hot sun, doctors appointments for my comp...

so until next week!
and i love hearing from everyone! it always makes the week better even if i dont write back.... 
Les quiero
Hermana Applegate

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