Monday, February 20, 2012

Ahhh we had transfers again today! and Hermana Callejas left, as i suspected.  Her health was really really degrading.  Saturday we didnt leave to work til 5 because she didnt have any strength and looked terrible.  But i was SOOOO nervous to get a new companion. So nervous.... After hermana doxey and hermana callejas left hermana suarez and i did the normal p-day stuff waiting for our new comps to get here.  It was her first real transfer too.  Hermana Doxey was her mission mom and Hermana Callejas mine.  we bought ice cream and ate meatless tacos (it was sooooo good to just eat veggies. I am SICK and TIRED of meat.) 

But i love hermana suarez. Im glad shes still here in Oran with me.  She actually came into the MTC (here in buenos aires because shes from mendosa) the 29th of september. So we are leaving at the same time! but she gets one more transfer than me because she didnt have to learn castillano.  We decided we are gonna always live in the same area. train together etc. we will have to see what happens but she is really great. 

So hermana callejas was supposed to leave at 8:30 this morning so we had to be there at 8 so we didnt have time to do a whole lot before and her bus never came until 11... we were there til 11:30 and my comp came at 2:30 so we didnt have much time to clean and eat and shop and wash clothes. I felt bad for my comp coming to a kinda dirty house, but i did get it all cleaned up. and i got a couple new skirts out of everything. and shirts too. which is good bec my wardrobe has gotten boring.

Soo my new companion. is Hermana Rojas.  She is from Cordoba Argentina, is 24 years old and has 2 sisters and 1 brother. and she taught little kids before her mission.  She is really nice nad i think i worried a little too much before she came.  I feel good about her as my companion and for this transfer. now my stomach hurts because ive eaten way too much today because of my nerves ( i never used to be a stress eater. whats up with that?)

So this week.... I learned a lot about patience. and the lords own time.  Saturday i was really frusterated because we had all of these plans to improve and then she was sick and we couldnt leave and put or plans into action yet.  Sooooo I did a lot of studying.  You know that chapter in 2 nephi (one of the isaiah ones) that talks about the daughters of zion will lose all their fancy clothes and be ugly and smelly (not the exact wording but you know the one) well i decided Isaiah saw the sister missionaries here in oran.  Everyone gets sick. i never look cute and we are always sweaty and i say that a lot but the next chapter says that after the daughters of zion have been cleansed of their filthiness they will have a place of refuge and recieve blessings. So the sickness of hermana callejas, the heat, walking for miles for members that dont know that they are members (that was crazy) is just a refiners fire and the Lord has greater blessings for us.  And then i was reading in Doctine and Covenants 5 (i think it was 5...) but it talks about Joseph Smith only being given the gift to translate at first and he wanted to do more. and then the lord told him to stop for a time bec people were trying to destroy him (and martin harris was gonna screw up). and it was during that time that he wasnt translating that Martin Harris lost the manuscript. and if he hadnt stopped translating we wouldnt have as much of the book of mormon that we have now. They wouldve lost more. I realized that God has a reason for everything. Including a sick companion. a hard area. everything. He has a reason for everything and it will be the best thing for us. weve just gotta use it to improve and work through.

Yeah i learned that mostly but some other stuff too... but hermana Rojas and i are ready to go to work.

and thanks to everyone who writes me. it always makes me smile to hear from people.

love yall
Les quiero
Hermana Applegate

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