Sunday, November 4, 2012

Can anyone hardly believe that its the end of October?!?!?
Im down to my last week with hermana terrera y im kinda sad.  Shes heading home.  but i decided i wanted to do something special so that she would remember the last few weeks of her mission. so i make little cards every night with a count down until she leaves and i write all of the good things of the day. and i have a little box that i want to decorate and put some cookies and treats in it for the trip.  I dont know if i will get the box done but she will at least have the notes done. :)
Im a little nervous too... because that means im gonna move up and some people keep joking that im gonna have an hijita!! (a new missionary that ive gotta train.....) im really hoping thats not true. but i guess we will know in about a week.
This week was really good!!!!!!! We had Zone conference and it was really really good.  He read with us from the Manual of George Albert Smith chapter 18.  Which is "stay on the Lords side of the Line."  OH man...I have a lot ive gotta fix up. It was soooo great it has a lot of great quotes that i liked.  This is probably the part that i liked the most:
"George Albert Smith often repeated the counsel his grandfather used to give to his family: “There is a line of demarcation well defined between the Lord’s territory and the devil’s territory. If you will stay on the Lord’s side of the line you will be under his influence and will have no desire to do wrong; but if you cross to the devil’s side of that line one inch you are in the tempter’s power and if he is successful, you will not be able to think or even reason properly because you will have lost the Spirit of the Lord.” George Albert Smith said that he used this counsel throughout his life to guide his choices: “When I have been tempted sometimes to do a certain thing, I have asked myself, ‘Which side of the line am I on?’ If I determined to be on the safe side, the Lord’s side, I would do the right thing every time. So when temptation comes think prayerfully about your problem and the influence of the Lord will aid you to decide wisely. There is safety for us only on the Lord’s side of the line.""
I think a lot of times people forget and let just little things happen.  just the little things like not really study today just read a little or not have as great of prayers and as we forget that, little by little we are crossing hte line and then one day we are going to wake up and realize we arent anywhere close to the lords side. And Satan is really deceptive.  He makes everything look grey and so we think "oh its not so terrible" and we forget that if its not white its not where we should be.  and then we get used to being there and it looks whiter to us and we move a little more into the grey.... and then we cant figure out why things are so hard...
haha i dont know why i just shared all of that. but i liked that a lot. i liked the conference a lot. my mission president is so great. 
so i look forward to hear from all of you guys i love yall so much!!!!
les quiero!
hermana applegate

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