Friday, November 23, 2012

Hey everyone how are you all doing?!?!  I hope you are all doing good!
Im doing pretty good. I am constantly amazed at how preocupied The Lord is with his children.  with me!!!! and i know with everyone else.  I know that he loves us and that he wants us to be happy. That he wants us to seek the good out of everything.... hey that made me think of a song that i heard in the mission. a friend of my mtc companion sent me a cd and this song is on it and its one of my favorites.... its called "Seeking whats good" (you can find it on the page for youth at and music.)  but it says
"the sunshine comes even when it rains. and even through darkness, the morning comes again.
I guess what im saying.. is that theres always something good that you can find.
and to see it, you open up your mind.
the bad will come and go. but through it all theres constant light for us to follow.
chorus: ive been opening up my eyes to see, all the beauty thats all around me
day after day and no matter what they say, I´ll follow it (somethign..) and come what may
ill be good, ill be strong and my heart will be pure, others may fall but ill endure.
cause im doing the things i should... seeking whats good..."
happiness comes to those who know, that all weve been given is a gift thats not our own.
i guess what im saying is that even when you make mistakes it only shows.
that together we still have room to grow, cant make it on our own.
but hand it hand we´ll walk the path that weve been shown.
and even when trials come into our lives, faith makes our doubting soul take flight...."
its something like that... i dont remember all of the words. but i really like the song.  adn i know that the lord loves us. i know that  he wants us to be happy. so so happy.  and i know taht we can be happy only when we look for the good. and are grateful.  i learned a lot aobut gratitude this week and how important it is in our happiness.  we all have trials and dificulties. but, when we are grateful and seek the good, we can get over the hard stuff and be happy....
and yeah thats what i wanted to share this week.... its been a really eye opening week for me. ive seen people who seek the lord and seek the good and they can beat any trial that comes their way and ive seen people who get angry are pessimistic and only look at how hard it is and they dont grow at all....
so i want to invite you all to seek the good. be optimistic and trust in the lord. and when you guys do that you will be able to get over any trials :)
i lov eyou all so  stinking much!!!!
have a great week
hermana applegate

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