Sunday, November 4, 2012

hey everybody. this is going to be short and sweet. because i dont have a whole lot of time. :)
But we had transfers today. and hermana terrera went home.  well... right now she is in the offices and tomorrow she will head home.  im gonna miss her a lot.
but my companion right now is hermana vargas!!!!! i dont know if i wrote about her but when i left the mtc, we met up with a group from the mtc in argentina and there was an hermana in the group and she is hermana vargas!!!!!! shes really great. and i was really nervous because i knew i was gonna have a lot more responsability this transfer. and i did a lot of praying for my new companion and that they would wnat to work hard and change things up. because i realized this week how we were working is not the most effective. we need to work through the members.  and more witht he local leaders.  and thats not easy. its easier to go and knock door... it involves less planning. but it doesnt work as well.....
anyways. she came and she is so ready to work and so the lord answered my prayers.  :)
he always does that. he always helps me out a lot. i know that god answers my prayers and i know he answers the prayers of everyone who prays with real intent. who really wnats to know and who is really willing to do whatever it takes to have success...
I love you all.... remember to pray everyday and read your scriptures.  someone said in stake conference this week that the people who fall away, who turn cold in the gospel are the people who neglect to do the little things every day.  and its not that they mean to do it. they just stop doing it.  because they were busy etc.  it was a really great weekend.  i got to go to the priesthood session for stake conference.  because they announced a new stake mission plan.  :)  it was so weird but so cool. i learned so much..
remember to take care of yourselves and to share the gospel.  it isnt just the responsablity of the missionaries its of everyone. and thats how the work really grows. when we all work together. 
lvoe you all
saludos a todos
hermana applegate

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